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Boys & Girls Aid — Cypress Auxiliary

About the Organization

Boys and Girls Aid is a nationally recognized social service agency whose program for youth in crisis helps more than 7,500 children throughout the State of Oregon each year.  Last year Boys and Girls Aid celebrated their 127th year of making a difference in the lives of children in need.

Boys and Girls Aid provides an in-house school, adoption services, foster care, respite shelter care, and advocacy for abused children.  Additional services include programs to break the cycles of teen pregnancy, family collapse and child involvement in crime.  They all place an emphasis on of preventing teens from getting into the legal/court system.  The availability of counselors twenty four hours per day/365 days a year, ensure the effectiveness of these programs.

Supported through grants, foundations, charitable donations and auxiliary fundraising events the agency uses their resources very efficiently.  Their programs are innovative and their success rate is high.

About Cypress Branch here in Charbonneau

The Cypress Branch Auxiliary was organized in 1990 by seventeen women in the community.  Over the years we have grown in numbers and our current membership is at 78 active and patron members. Since its inception the Auxiliary has not only raised funds in support of Boys and Girls Aid programs but has become included in its programs as well.

At Cypress Branch Auxiliary we are devoted to make a difference for children in crisis who come to Boys and Girls Aid.  Monies from our fundraising events are given for a variety of causes, including helping to personalize and decorate the Pettygrove Residential Program home for teenage girls.  As individuals we help to support children in the various programs by supplying sport bags for the Boys at Safe Place at Christmas, and monthly birthday parties and Easter baskets for the Pettygrove girls.  Our members willingly step forward to help when Boys and Girls Aid children have specific needs.

About Becoming a Member

Membership is open to anyone in the Greater Wilsonville area.  Both men and women, interested in making a difference in the lives of children served by the Agency are encouraged to join us in their critical but rewarding efforts.  Cypress Branch Auxiliary’s fiscal year is October 1 through September 30.  Dues for all members are payable at the first general meeting in August and will be overdue by October 1.

Active membership requires persons sincerely interested in the work and purpose of the Auxiliary who will assume responsibility and participate in activities to support that effort.  Attendance at monthly Auxiliary meetings (usually the third Friday of the month) and annual visits to the agency’s headquarters is encouraged.  Dues for active members are $25 per year.

Patron Membership is open to anyone who desires to support the work of the Agency and this Auxiliary, but is unable to be an active participant.  Patron members may be supportive of our effort through an annual contribution of $125 or more.  Greater involvement in the activities of the membership, including regular meeting, special projects and annual fundraising events are encouraged, but optional.

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