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Course Walker’s Guide

a.k.a. Walk in the Park

Developed as a result of the “Together We Can Do It” campaign,  the Charbonneau Golf Club is pleased to present our “Walkers Guidelines” to ensure your safety while enjoying your morning walks on one of the 3 courses each week.

The 2012 schedule indicating which of our three 9-hole courses will be available for residents to enjoy until 9:30 AM each Thursday morning can be found here.  Please note on the schedule that our courses are designated as the RED, YELLOW, or GREEN course, as shown below. The schedule will indicate which is available each Thursday morning.

To locate convenient access points to each of the 3 courses from our residential areas, click the appropriately colored area on the map below to view an enlarged display.  Places where you can enter and leave the course on our paths are marked on the map with orange lines.  Enjoy your Walk in the Park each week.

Click a colored area to view an enlarged map for that area.

To print out a map, click the following links:  Yellow Map  |  Green Map  |  Red Map |  Full Colored Map


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