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Mary Rock

 In the first category, estimated to require 25% of the funds from the campaign, Mary Rock, our Golf Course Superintendent who this year celebrates her 25th year at Charbonneau, has identified several pieces of equipment and repair that must be obtained or completed soon if she is to carry on with her current maintenance schedule.

 Lely Fertilizer Spreader

Lely spreader

A NEED MET BY WORKING “TOGETHER” in 2011.  This was Mary’s top priority as she needs to began to fertilize the golf course last May. If fertilizer is not spread the turf will fail to thrive. The old fertilizer spreader, purchased in 1993, no longer functioned and used equipment was not available.  Purchase cost: Less than $4,500.

Trim Mower

Trim mower

This piece of equipment is used to mow green, tee box, bunker and tree surrounds. The old one was purchased in 1998 and is beyond repair. The maintenance crew will need this very soon as spring grass begins to grow rapidly. Cost new: $28,650; rebuilt: $16,000.


Power Sand Rake

Purchased in 2003, the power rakes, cultivates (churns up) and pushes bunker sand to prepare bunkers for play. The current equipment is worn out — especially the cultivator component. Loaners and used are not available. Purchase cost: $19,000.

Amendment Bins

Original bins to hold sand, fertilizer and debris. Original (1980’s) replacement is needed before the fall of 2011, especially the leaf bin which is completely dilapidated. Cost: $9,000 for all, $3,000 leaf bin only.

Range this category: $43,300 – $61,950

Other important items (not prioritized) that will need to be replaced later in the season or early next season:

-Metermatic Topdresser

Current equipment was purchased in 2000. Topdresser is used on greens and tees and critical to the condition and playability of these turfs. Cost: $9,350

-Bedknife Grinder

Purchased in 1973, the grinder sharpens the various mowers the Golf Course uses to mow fairways and greens. This is one of two grinders the course uses; the newer one (1995) is still operable.

-Shop Siding

the siding on the maintenance building is original (1970s) vintage and badly deteriorated. Plan to replace by next year. Cost: $10,000

-Shop Fence

Maintenance yard fencing is rotting and deteriorated. Plan is to replace by next year. Cost: $16,000

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