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CharbonneauLive Feed

CharbonneauLive Feed

Check out all the activities planned in February at Wilsonville Community Center and Parks and Rec. [...]

Grants monies are available for qualifying community projects through three different sources. Find [...]

Charbonneau resident Elaine Luneke will lead the class. [...]

The City of Wilsonville is seeking public comment on a draft “Community Investment Strategy for Arts [...]

Great way to do your last minute shopping with hassling with traffic and parking. [...]

The Charbonneau Arts Association will donate $4000 each to the art program at Canby and Wilsonville [...]

Back by popular demaind: Lynne McKee presents a most interesting subject. Don't miss it! [...]

If you are starting to get those Friend Request notifications again, here is a good article on the s [...]

The New Year is jam packed at the Wilsonville Library. Check it out. [...]

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