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Long Term Project

These funds will be reserved and designated for the most significant long range project that the Golf Course currently faces—the cart paths. Unless our campaign goal is significantly exceeded, it is unlikely that this project will be completed in the current year.

Cart Paths


Our largest deferred maintenance project is the replacement of the 9 miles of asphalt paths that run throughout our course and used by golfers and walkers alike. The cart paths on all three courses need extensive repair and replacement in next 2 – 3 years. The last significant repaving was done in mid 1990’s. Currently the Golf Club has been spending less than $5,000 per year and using sub-optimal techniques to patch the most significant and dangerous areas of disrepair.

Mary Rock is currently obtaining bids to replace significant portions of the yellow course. She is also researching the most efficient methodology. (i.e., replacing large sections one nine at one time or addressing the worse sections on each course first). However because of the significant cost to bring in repavers, equipment and materials, once begun we expect to replace significant components in each application.

Cost:  Bidding is underway.  As soon as bids are in, the Core Committee will update this category.


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