Wilsonville Rotary announces Feb 25th “Give Together: The Heart of Gold Awards Night.” Silent Auction & “Wilsonville First Citizen Award”.

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Since 2001, the Rotary Club of Wilsonville has recognized one outstanding individual or couple for their service to the community by presenting them with the Wilsonville First Citizen Award. On Thursday evening, Febraury 25, 2021, we will announce the next First Citizen as part of Give Together: The Heart of Gold Awards Night, which this year will be held online. This very special event will also include an auction to raise funds for our service projects, which is why we need your help to make it a success. By donating to the auction or attending the event online, you’ll be supporting our many service projects. Here are just a few of those projects, locally and internationally:

Please join us and support our service projects, including:

  • THROUGH A CHILD’S EYES This one-of-a-kind program for inmates at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility and their children encourages better parenting, rebuilds families, reduces recidivism, and breaks the intergenerational cycle of crime.
  • WILSONVILLE ROTARY SUMMER CONCERTS These family-friendly, top-quality Thursday evening shows attract tourism and build community while raising awareness and funds to eradicate polio forever.
  • COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS FOR WILSONVILLE GRADS We support outstanding local graduates with scholarships that are awarded on the basis of need, merit, service and character.
  • INTERNATIONAL SERVICE PROJECTS We conduct and support international service projects each year, including our recent project to provide 600 students with school desks in Kakamega, Kenya, Africa.
  • SCHOOL CHESS PROGRAM Our expanded chess mentoring program helps students at local schools learn new skills, develop thinking abilities and gain confidence.
  • EXCHANGE STUDENT PROGRAM Serving inbound and outbound students, short-term and full-year.
  • “GOOD EGGS” OMELET BREAKFASTS We serve a great meal for local volunteers on WERK Day and veterans on Veterans Day, and to raise funds for local schools and other causes whenever the need arises.

          See Flyer         Register Now!        Donate to the Auction

Source:  Wilsonville Rotary. B Harland. 11.7/2021  Find out more:  http://www.wilsonvillerotary.com/event/give-together/ 

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