Red Course Only Open Temporarily for Walkers.

by Master

Due to the recent Covid-19 restrictions causing the closure of the clubhouse and the fitness center, the Charbonneau Golf Club, Inc. Board of Directors, in cooperation with Charbonneau Country Club HOA, is offering a limited time option.

While the Green and Yellow courses are operating at nearly full capacity, the Red course is closed for golf. The Red course ONLY may be temporarily used for walking under these conditions. Please check with the Pro Shop if you have questions.

  • Walking ONLY…and ONLY on the Cart Paths on the RED Course. Handicap mobility support is allowed
  • Walk either direction
  • Dogs on leashes and pick up after as needed
  • Enter anywhere on Red, but do not walk across Green or Yellow to get to Red
  • Yield to maintenance equipment and/or workers
  • Walkers assume ALL liability (although the course will be closed to golfers)…could be random balls from others fairways
  • No need to register…just enjoy
  • This is an experimental program to determine if we can do this in a safe and cooperative way. If there are difficulties with compliance to these simple rules, this privilege may not be able to be extended again.

Remember- walking is dangerous and not allowed on the yellow and green courses at any time.

Jim Gibbons
CCC board member, Golf Course Liaison

Joe Brouillette, President
Charbonneau Golf Club, Inc.

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