Oregon in pause to fight COVID-19. Now through March 2021.

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For further info go here:  https://govstatus.egov.com/or-covid-19

Posted Nov 18, 2020.

To Charbonneau Residents:

Late yesterday afternoon, Governor Brown issued a ten-page order effective today.  It goes far beyond the information presented in the news conference, and further grants authority to the Oregon Health Authority to extend or pull back restrictions.  As a result, it is impossible at this point to determine what the “final” rules will be.

In my last email, I indicated that I would re-evaluate the closure issue if/when a formal order was issued.  That has now happened.  As a result, we will be closing the Clubhouse for all activities, including exercise classes, until further notice.  We will also be closing the fitness room.

While there was some push back on my earlier email deferring a decision until an order was entered, the overwhelming response was supportive. Thank you.

I apologize for having to take this action now.  I know that the exercise and fellowship is important to many of you.  And I appreciate your words of support.  But as a community, we have no alternative but to comply with the order.

I wish all of our community members the best.


Eugene Tish
Charbonneau Country Club

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Jesse Boone
1 month ago

Nov. 21, 2020 – For the second day in a row, the Oregon Health Authority reported a record number of new COVID-19 cases in Oregon, which reflects an accelerating spread of the virus across the state. I appreciate all efforts by my neighbors and the CCC Board to support science and political initiatives to avoid an exponential growth rate of this deadly pandemic virus. It seems there will be another 6 to 9 months before we can begin to gain the upper hand through vaccination. I am confident that while the fitness center, tennis center and other venues are closed, the Boards of both the Country Club and the Golf Club are thinking of ways to offer opportunities for physical fitness as well as the mental welfare of residents. 

Please be kind, be united, and be supportive of your neighbors who feel threatened in the months ahead by both the virus as well as the temptation of people to do the legal minimum asked rather than the moral maximum.  For me, I will learn and utilize ZOOM, cancel family and neighbor gatherings, and sacrifice travel to warm climates this winter. I encourage you all to go through your friends list and make phone calls to neighbors and friends to check in to reduce their feeling a little isolated during the holidays. We all can make a difference in someone’s life; masks and isolation are helpful against the virus, but a voice or video contact with others are helpful medicine against the mental fatigue and stress of isolation.

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