City Facilities to Remain Closed Through Friday

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WILSONVILLE, Ore. – Because of the continued public health risks associated with exposure to unhealthy air quality conditions, all City facilities are remaining closed on Thursday, Sept. 17 and Friday, Sept. 18.

The Library, City Hall and the Parks & Rec. Admin. Building are closed on Thursday and Friday; the Library is scheduled to re-open on Saturday if air quality significantly improves and no longer poses a health risk.

SMART Transit is continuing to operate all routes on schedule during the City facility closures.

Previously this week, the City announced the cancellation of Municipal Court proceedings and the Urban Forest Management Plan virtual open house previously scheduled to take place on Tuesday.  All recreation camps offered through Parks and Recreation were canceled for the remainder of the week.

Water Supply Unaffected

Throughout this public health crisis, the City has been actively monitoring water quality to ensure there are no impacts from smoke and ash on the City’s drinking water supply.  Water remains safe for drinking.

The Willamette River Water Treatment Plant employs enhanced methods of treatment; coagulants remove sedimentation, ozonation is used to disinfect, granular activated carbon filters remove taste and odor, and chlorine provides secondary disinfection. After leaving the plant, drinking water is not exposed to open air prior to reaching your tap.

Remain Inside Until Air Quality Improves

Until air quality is no longer at unhealthy or hazardous levels, it is recommended that people remain indoors when possible. The website provides information on local air quality, and has information about the impact of diminished air quality on public health when fires are present.

Additional information on the Clackamas County wildfires is available on the County’s website, with maps, check-in shelter sites, options for donating and volunteering, and more. Visit


Source:   City of Wilsonville Press Release. 9/17/20

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