Arts, culture & Heritage Strategy Taskforce to meet on Aug 25. Public Comment Open in Draft Findings/Recommendations

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Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy Task Force to Meet on Aug. 25

Public Comment now Open on Draft Findings/Recommendations

August 21, 2020 — The Draft Findings and Recommendations of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy are ready for public review and comment online until Aug. 31. Comments are to be considered for potential incorporation into the Draft Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy (ACHS).

Developed over a two-year period with public surveys, task force and community meetings, stakeholder interviews and additional fieldwork research, the Draft Findings and Recommendations form the basis of the ACHS that the Wilsonville City Council is scheduled to review and consider for adoption in October.

The 50-member ACHS Task Force is scheduled to meet for the third time virtually  on Tuesday, Aug. 25, 1-2:30 pm, to review the draft findings and recommendations.  Additionally, the Task Force is to review results of several surveys conducted over the summer, including the Cultural Vision Survey, Cultural Assets Inventory Survey and Municipal Survey of 15 Cities Operating Arts, Culture and Heritage programs and facilities. The meeting is open to the public and provides an opportunity for public comment.

The Draft ACHS is scheduled for release for public review on or about Sept. 11, for an 11-day public review period ending Sept. 22; the Wilsonville City Council is scheduled to discuss the Draft ACHS during its 5 pm work session on Monday, Sept. 21.

Feedback from the City Council and the public may then to be incorporated into the Final ACHS, which is scheduled for adoption during the 7 pm City Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 19.

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy, a City Council 2019-21 Goal, seeks to provide recommendations to the City Council for cultivating a sustainable, long-term plan that supports community aspirations for a vibrant cultural scene in Wilsonville. For more information, see

Source:  City of Wilsonville.  8.29.20

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