Update: Charbonneau Emergency Preparedness Bulletin

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Marion County Health officials have reached out to make us aware of the need for free, re-usable masks for vulnerable populations in Marion County. As you know, North Marion County is our neighbor directly south of Miley Road and is currently a hot spot for Covid19. Populations that work in agriculture and smaller grocery stores helping to keep our food supply-line open are being charged for the masks they are told they must wear, teen moms and elderly rural residents are finding it difficult as well to comply safely. The more people see masks being worn in the community, the less vulnerable we all are! County Health officials are reaching out through churches and other community groups. If you are making masks and would like to contribute them to this effort, please send an email to


and staff will arrange to have them picked up from you!

Thank you Charbonneau!

City of Wilsonville COVID-19 Social Services

To assist those experiencing financial insecurity, the City of Wilsonville recently made additional funds available to Wilsonville Community Sharing (WCS), the local non-profit and food bank. The funding is earmarked to allow WCS to help in-need individuals and families pay City utility bills.  WCS serves Wilsonville residents by providing a variety of resources, including utility assistance, prescription help, housing support, food bank and more.

In-need individuals can contact WCS at  503-682-6939 to learn more about local assistance programs or seek further information about additional resources by visiting this website: https://www.ci.wilsonville.or.us/residents/page/covid-19-social-services

Food Bank

Wilsonville Community Sharing, 28925 SW Boberg Rd., operates a local food bank each Tuesday for those with critical need.  The food bank is now providing curb-side pickup, (or walk up for those w/o transportation). Volunteers will hand the recipients a pre-packaged food box.

  • Tuesday food bank hours

o    12:30-2:30 pm (last visitor accepted at 2:15)

o    6-8 pm (last visitor accepted at 7:45)

o    Anyone with medical dietary needs should tell the volunteer when you get to the pickup area.  Food boxes are pre-packaged by volunteers using safe and sanitary procedures, so staff cannot adjust for personal preferences at this time.  Food allotment is based on household size, and households are limited to one visit per month.

The Wilsonville Community Center is closed but  hosts several additional programs, including referrals to regional assistance programs.  Call 503-570-1526 for assistance.

Visit wilsonvillecommunitysharing.org to make a tax-deductible donation, or donate by mail, PO Box 205, Wilsonville, OR, 97070.

Update on Opening Charbonneau Pools

As of May 18, all pools in Charbonneau cannot be opened as Clackamas County is not approving permits in accordance with following the State Health Authority guidelines and Governor’s orders. We will conform to the state and county regulations and we will decide if we have to implement other procedures if pools are permitted to be open by the county.

The Charbonneau Country Club (CCC) has formed a team that is currently working on suggested safety guidelines that may go beyond the minimum limitations. The CCC will be working with local HOA’s on its suggested guidelines, but each HOA holds their own permit and can independently

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