City Hall Set to Resume Public Entry on June 8

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City Hall Set to Resume Public Entry on June 8

 Re-Entry Dates Still to be Determined at Other Facilities

May 28, 2020 – The City of Wilsonville is preparing to accommodate general public re-entry to City Hall on Monday, June 8. The building is opening temporarily for Traffic/Municipal Court on Tuesday, June 2, at 5 pm.

The City is still in the process of determining subsequent re-entry dates at other facilities, including the Wilsonville Library, the Community Center, SMART Transit offices, Police/Public Works Building and the Parks & Recreation Administration Building.

“Our staff has conducted a thorough analysis of each facility,” said City Manager Bryan Cosgrove. “We’ve identified potential concerns, and are now implementing solutions that prioritize public and staff safety.”

Physical distancing and public safety controls are currently being implemented at City Hall, including additional hand sanitizing stations, acrylic shields at service desks, and the recommendation that visitors wear a face covering.

Some programs, including notary service, are being temporarily suspended. Though City Hall is preparing to be open weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm, community members are still encouraged to minimize travel and to access City services remotely whenever possible.

Re-entry efforts are being guided by the City’s “Facility Re-Entry and Controls Plan,” an exhaustive blueprint developed by Emergency Operations managers to identify and place Administrative Controls, Engineering Controls and Personal Protective Equipment to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission at City facilities. The plan identifies site-specific controls at each facility that can be implemented to accommodate safe public re-entry.

“The Library and the Community Center, especially, require a number of unique considerations about which programs and services may resume, which might continue with some accommodations, and which might be temporarily suspended until we can provide them more safely,” said Martin Montalvo, Public Works Operations Manager. “We’ve scrutinized every aspect of our operations through the lens of public safety and are putting controls in place as quickly as possible to facilitate re-entry.”

Montalvo is scheduled to summarize the City’s “Facility Re-Entry and Controls Plan” before City Council on June 1.

Throughout the public closure, which began in mid-March, City facilities have remained open to provide core services and to assist residents, local businesses and governmental partners via telephone, email and teleconference.

With physical distancing measures and other controls in place, City staff has continued to serve the Wilsonville community, including the establishment of programs that have provided more than $480,000 in relief to residents and local businesses facing dire need in the wake of COVID-19.

For more information on the COVID-19 prevention and City’s response to the global public health crisis, visit


Source:  Press release, City of Wilsonville. 5.28.20

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