“Mothering” Each Other. CWA article in The Charbonneau Villager for May

by Master

It is always a bit challenging to write an article for our community newspaper that won’t be seen until a full month later.

Little did we know in early March that by the first week of April we would be “sheltering in place” with “physical distancing”, placing 6 feet between people as we pass each other on the pathways and streets of Charbonneau. I don’t know exactly where we will all be by the first week in May, but I expect that we are likely to still be doing all that we can to minimize the spread of Covid 19.

I am of course saddened that we won’t be having our spring events, but more importantly, this is a time when we all need to do what we can to keep each other safe. With a theme of “Mothers” for this issue, it is easy to see that in fact that is the underlying philosophy that we are already practicing…don’t mothers basically want to keep their children and families safe? How often is the mother the voice of reason who makes sure that her children are cared for. We all had mothers, and many of us are mothers. This time however, it is our entire country as well as our community that we need to take care of, to keep safer, and to be sure that we are doing all that we can to “mother each other”.

The changes in these last few weeks and for the weeks to come are many and amazing. Many small businesses have had to close with numerous hardships for them, their customers, and their employees. Restaurants are providing food by delivery or take-out, grocery stores are doing more delivery and pickup of online orders, and many sites have special hours for senior shoppers as well. Deadlines that would normally spur a visit to the DMV have been extended, and the list of changes in how daily life runs goes on and on. All of these efforts are the results of us working hard to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Many people are working from home and meetings are happening through virtual sources like Zoom and other remote conferencing applications. But what can be done about the day-to-day care and support of each other and our neighbors? Now is the time for us to “mother” each other a little and call or video chat with our friends here in our neighborhood, as well as with family and friends around the country. If talking on the phone or computer is not fun for you, then putting a note or card in the mail is another way to show your support and appreciation for the people that you would normally be seeing up close and personally.

Right now we don’t know exactly how long this period of extra mothering will need to be. I am however confident that the support and genuine care that I have seen here as a resident of Charbonneau will continue through these challenging times. Meanwhile, we can look forward to warmer weather and plan to seriously celebrate when we can resume our social gatherings!


Source:  Lee Harker. CWA Update. 4.10.2020

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