UPDATE: Wilsonville Declares State of Emergency

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City Declares State of Emergency to Aid COVID-19 Response Efforts

March 13, 2020 —  City of Wilsonville Mayor Tim Knapp has authorized the City Manager to declare a local state of emergency, which takes effect immediately and may be ratified by a resolution to be brought before the City Council on Monday, March 16, at 7 pm at City Hall.

Taking this action allows City staff greater flexibility to address the hazards posed by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) by facilitating more expedient coordination with other public agencies and quicker deployment of resources needed to safeguard the Wilsonville community.

The state of emergency declaration provides the City’s Emergency Management staff with latitude to coordinate an effective response by redirecting funding for emergency use as needed, implementing mutual aid agreements with other public agencies and suspending standard procurement procedures.

Additionally, the designation aides the City’s efforts when requesting assistance and/or reimbursement for expenditures related to COVID-19 response.

The order also activates the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and convenes the Command Staff to assist with multi-agency coordination, public information and community outreach. The EOC provides a framework for mobilizing resources and developing plans across multiple City functions.

The declaration, set to expire on May 1, 2020, may be renewed if necessary. The City will utilize normal communication channels to notify the community of any additional changes in programs and activities as they occur.

“We thank the Mayor for making this emergency declaration to give our staff the flexibility and support to respond quickly and effectively,” City Manager Bryan Cosgrove said. “The health and safety of our community is the first priority, and this step improves our capacity to act efficiently and to request state and federal resources as they become available.”

Globally, more than 130,000 people have contracted COVID-19, a flu-like illness that can have serious health repercussions, especially among older adults, immuno-compromised individuals and those with underlying health conditions.

The aggressive global response to slow down the spread of COVID-19 is designed to keep public health systems from becoming overwhelmed and unavailable to those in critical need. Everyone, even those unlikely to be severely threatened, should adopt these and other measures to stem transmission:

  • Wash Your Hands. Wash several time daily, vigorously with soap and water for 20 seconds or more, taking thorough care to get underneath your fingernails.
  • Cover Your Mouth. When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with a tissue or the crook of your elbow.
  • Avoid Touching Mouth, Nose or Eyes. This is how many germs end up in the respiratory system.
  • Limit Unnecessary Contact. Skip the handshakes and high-fives until the threat subsides.
  • When Sick, Stay Home! Avoid others when you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, including coughing, fever and shortness of breath.
  • Social Distancing. By avoiding air travel and large-scale events where people are densely packed, you reduce your chances of exposure to COVID-19 and other ailments.
  • Keep Your Immune System Strong. Eat healthy, get regular sleep and exercise, and address underlying health conditions.

Older adults and others with a high risk of more serious illness are encouraged to stockpile medical supplies and other needs, stay home, and seek help from community members who can provide assistance.

Stay informed and educated by seeking information from trusted sources, including the CDC, the Oregon Health Authority and Clackamas County Public Health.

General questions about COVID-19 may be answered by calling 2-1-1. Questions about specific medical needs should be directed to health care providers.

For more on the City’s response to COVID-19, click here.


WILSONVILLE, Ore. — As a precautionary measure in the interest of public health, especially for older adults most at risk of serious illness from COVID-19, the City of Wilsonville is temporarily suspending all public activities at the Wilsonville Community Center.

The facility remains open to the general public until 5 pm today (March 13), though all fitness classes have been canceled. On Sunday, the Community Center is scheduled to host a meeting of the Pioneer Baptist Church. Effective on Monday, Mar. 16, and until further notice, the facility is closed for public use. All drop-in activities, fitness classes and evening rentals are canceled.

“With health officials encouraging people, and especially older adults, to begin social distancing, we need to lead by example by implementing protections to help stem the transmission of COVID-19 in our community,” said City Manager Bryan Cosgrove.

While the City’s nutrition program will remain in operation to accommodate the Home Delivered Meal program, lunch will not be served at the Community Center during the closure. Community Center patrons who would like to arrange meal deliveries may call 503-682-3727.

Community Center staff will also remain available to provide social service consultations via telephone, 503-570-1526.

Additionally, the City is taking these additional precautions in the interest of public safety:

  • The cancellation of ALL Wilsonville Library programs and events – including Baby Time, Toddler Time, Story Time, book clubs, concerts, lectures, teen events, tax assistance, movies, etc. – from March 16 through April 8. At this time, the Library is maintaining normal operating hours.
  • All existing reservations at the Community Center, Library and the Tauchman House between March 17 and April 8 are cancelled.  The City is providing a full refund to groups inconvenienced by this precaution.  (At this time, existing reservations are being held at the Stein-Boozier Barn and all outdoor park shelters and sports fields).
  • New reservations of City facilities, meeting rooms and shelters will not be accepted for March or April dates. Future reservations may be held, conditional upon a return to typical operations.
  • The April 11 Community Egg Hunt is canceled.
  • The April 25 W.E.R.K. Day is canceled.
  • The AARP tax assistance program, held at the Park & Rec. Admin. Building on Thursdays, is canceled for the remainder of the tax season.
  • Soccer Shots pre-school age soccer at Memorial Park is canceled.
  • All Parks & Recreation spring break camps and programs, including those operated by contractors, are canceled.

Previously, on March 11, the City announced the postponement of the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

The City continues to monitor new information – including State legislation and recommendations from federal, state and local health officials – to inform decision making. Additional adjustments may be made if warranted.

“We’ll continue to rely on the recommendations of public health officials and operate proactively,” Cosgrove said. “The health and safety of our community is the top priority.”

For more COVID-19 information, including links to trusted public health sources and precautions people are encouraged to take to limit transmission, visit our website.

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