Introducing our new Civic Affairs Chair, Wayne Richards

by Master

I’m Wayne Richards, the new Civic Affairs Director for Charbonneau.  I believe my job is to help protect our quality of life, our health and our safety.  I have been on the Civic Affairs Committee. I will continue my term as the architectural chair for our HOA until next May. I’m also an emergency block captain should we have a natural disaster for our HOA

I’m a PSU graduate in business after taking a few years as an officer and pilot in Viet Nam.  I’m now a retired financial planner through First Tech and Raymond James.  We have many challenges ahead of us in our duty to help protect this amazing community.  We moved to Charbonneau four years ago this coming March and fell in love with it long before we actually moved from Lake Oswego.  The four challenges this year are;

  1. Our issues with the airport extension. It’s all about process and adhering to required Oregon Land Use Planning rules, counseling with state departments of agriculture, transportation, and DEQ.  Since it is readily available having an accurate count of actual airport use.  These things seem simple and obvious. The airport, like any other business in Oregon should rewrite their master plan to address these simple rules. Their master plan doesn’t address any of these issues.
  1. Civic Involvement. We’re asking for a new and inclusive IGA (Intergovernmental agreement) simply to ensure that our voices are heard in any area that affects Wilsonville and the surrounding EFU land.
  1. Surface Transportation and congestion (The I-5 bridge is one example).
  1. Willamette river use rules. Especially regarding recreational use vs shoreline preservation.

We have an excellent committee of smart and gifted volunteers and we are very anxious to hear what you’re thinking about and what matters to you.

Wayne Richards
Civic Affairs Chair

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