CWA Plans It’s September Luncheon & Welcomes Newcomers at Upcoming Info Day.

by Master

Our September luncheon on September 9th promises to be a wonderful event. Jackie Cadinha is our performer and what a treat! Jackie Lei Cadinha entertained in Waikiki and performed as Tiny Bubbles in the Don Ho Show in Hawaii for more than 30 years. She now lives in Oregon and is happily sharing the spirit of Aloha and bringing all that is Hawaii to neighboring communities. We are excited to share the Spirit of Aloha, the warmth of the Hawaiian Islands and some of us may even learn to hula! As she sings and shares her humorous stories, you will feel like you have traveled to Hawaii –if you’ve never been to Hawaii and only dreamed you would someday go there…you will feel like she has brought Hawaii to you!

We gather on the garden terrace starting at 11 am to mingle and catch up on all our summer fun, then move inside at 11:40 for lunch and entertainment. Sign up by Thursday September 5th in the CCC coatroom; checks go into the designated drop box on the counter.

The theme of this issue of the Villager is “teamwork” and every time I walk my dog in our community I feel like I see evidence of teamwork all around.  The various HOA’s are beautifully maintained due to joint efforts of residents, landscape companies, and for those residents bordering on one of our 3 golf courses, the golf course maintenance team.  Everyone can truly take pride in Charbonneau—driving in still makes me take a deep breath of appreciation as it did when I saw it for the first time and my husband and I chose to live here.  But more than the outer layer of visible beauty, our community is much more.  The many organizations and groups are truly welcoming to the residents, and new additions to Charbonneau have a lot to choose from as the Community Information Day in August will prove.

Your CWA board is busily working on the programs for the second half of the year and truly exemplifies the spirit of “team”.  We will continue to have a “Newcomers Table” at our luncheons from September through November; if you are coming to one of the luncheons and haven’t yet made lots of friends here join us there! Several board members will be at the table each month to answer questions about CWA and Charbonneau in general.

Source:  Lee Harker, President, CWA. 8.2.19


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