Meeting Notice Regarding Aurora Airport. July 17th at 7PM at the HTC Building.

by Master

Many Charbonneau residents are aware an attempt has been made to monitor activities at the Aurora State Airport.  “Monitoring” means trying to learn about what the proponents of a longer runway and, potentially, a larger airport, are attempting to do at that location.  In the past, these proponents have attempted to avoid compliance with Oregon’s Land Use Goals and a public process.  In the past few months, these proponents have embarked upon an information campaign to try to explain their side of what is going on.

On April 9, they held the first of two meetings to try to explain why flights over Charbonneau and other neighboring communities are unavoidable.  At that time, they declined to answer questions about what is happening, or might happen, “on the ground,” deferring those questions to a second meeting.

That second meeting has now been scheduled — It will take place on Wednesday, July 17 at 7:00 pm.  The location will be the same:  Helicopter Transport Services at 14497 Keil Road in Aurora.  The HTC building is a large edifice at the far south end of the airport.


This is your chance to hear what they have to say and to ask questions.

Source:  CCC Updates.  Civic Affairs Committee.  6.31.19

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