Wilsonville Spokesman Breaks The Story – Aurora Airport Master Plan Under Dispute

by Master
The Wilsonville Spokesman has broken a story written by Corey Buchanan, confirming our news post of last week regarding the Aurora Airport Master Plan, specifically that it has not been approved or legally adopted..
Specifically, the story confirms the important role of master plans in airport development, the fact that the Aurora Airport has been operating without an approved master plan, and that the recent application to the FAA for expansion funds made the claim that the application was supported by the master plan!

The article asks the $64,000 question: why [have] seven years passed without the plan’s formal approval and why there’s confusion about it isn’t totally clear.

Sadly the State aviation personnel in both the Department of Aviation and at the Aviation Board knew this was the case, but have, along with development boosters, consistently acted as if the master plan was approved and adopted.

Of note, much has changed about the expansion plans at the Aurora Airport since the master plan process concluded in 2012, and there has been essentially no citizen involvement or public process about those changes. The only hearing on the Aurora Airport held in the past seven years was held by the City of Wilsonville in December of 2018!

Our hope is that these new discoveries will force the Department of Aviation to step back on the master plan process by restarting it where it ended in 2012, and incorporate the citizen involvement required in Statewide Planning Goal 1, rather than driving ahead to try and approve a very flawed master plan.

Source:  Friends of French Prairie.  5.16.19

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