Action by the State E-Board Re: Aurora Airport Expansion

by Master

On Friday (this past week), the State Emergency Board, the group of legislators who make decisions during the interim when the full Legislature is not in session, retroactively approved the Oregon Department of Aviation’s request to seek $37 million in federal funds to lengthen one runway by 1,000 feet and to expand the Aurora Airport.  (We feel) This was both disappointing and regrettable given the significant public opposition to the proposal.

The decision came after the Legislative Emergency Board had earlier authorized Oregon Solutions to do an assessment of the conflict.  On Friday, the E-Board chose not to hear the recommendations they, themselves, had requested and for which the public paid.  It certainly makes one wonder what they were thinking. 

But the battle is not over. The legal, environmental, and public policy questions associated with this issue will be pursued on other days and in other forums. Citizens opposing the runway expansion will be kept advised of next steps through their normal contact channels.

Source: B Harland.  Civic Affairs. 12.16.18

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