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BFM for September

BFM for September

September 8, 2018 11:50 am Category: Wilsonville & Local Community News A+ / A-

The Boones Ferry Messenger is published monthly and contains a variety of valuable information for residents on upcoming City events, projects, Natural Resources tips, Library events, Parks & Recreation activities, and important notices. The Messenger is currently mailed to all City residents, as well as being posted electronically on the City’s website. An archive of newsletters is available below.

Sign-up online to receive an email notice when the latest newsletter is available, as well as a link to view it electronically.

The City does accept submissions of content, including text and images, for consideration for publication in The Boones Ferry Messenger newsletter, which prints 11 issues per year (combined July-August issue). All materials submitted are a matter of public record and may be subject to the Oregon Public Records Law.

The deadline for content submissions is the 10th of the month prior to publication; sooner is better. Please submit via email to

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Source:  City of Wilsonville.  9.1.18

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