Project to Modify I-5 On-Ramp Completed

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City of Wilsonville NEWS RELEASE
For Immediate Release, July 19, 2018

CONTACT:     Bill Evans, Communications and Marketing Manager


Project to Modify I-5 On-Ramp Completed
Third stacking lane at southbound Wilsonville Rd. now operational

WILSONVILLE, Ore. — A City of Wilsonville road project to improve the I-5/Wilsonville Road interchange Exit 283 southbound freeway on-ramp is now complete. The $700,000 project adds a third “stacking lane” to the metered on-ramp, increasing on-ramp capacity to hold an additional 35 vehicles waiting to enter the freeway during evening rush-hour.

Completed with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), the additional lane is designed to decrease traffic congestion at the I-5/Wilsonville Road interchange area by providing additional room for vehicles on the on-ramp rather than backingup on Wilsonville Road.

The project was one of three congestion-improvements totaling an estimated $900,000 approved by the Wilsonville City Council in October 2018 to improve traffic flow on Wilsonville Road between Boones Ferry Road and the I-5 interchange.

Three additional, related projects to reduce congestion scheduled to be completed in 2018 include:

·        Lengthening the southbound Boones Ferry Road double left-turn lanes onto eastbound Wilsonville Road. (completed)

·        Installing “No Turn on Red” during evening rush-hour for right-turn movements from northbound Boones Ferry Road onto eastbound Wilsonville Road in order to improve traffic flow through the intersection. (completed)

·        Reconstructing the southern, signalized entrance/exit to Old Town Square/Fred Meyer shopping center to include a second travel lane on northbound Boones Ferry Road between the exit/entrance and Wilsonville Road. (under construction, will be completed by late summer).

A longer-term improvement to add a ramp-to-ramp lane over the Boone Bridge is under consideration by the Oregon Transportation Commission this summer as an amendment to the Oregon Highway Plan. 

ODOT intends to propose the ramp-to-ramp lane project for inclusion in the 2018  Metro Regional Transportation Plan scheduled for adoption in December. The state would seek to combine the ramp-to-ramp lane project with a seismic upgrade of the Boone Bridge, anticipating funding in the 2028-2040 timeframe.

For more information, contact Steve Adams, Engineering Development Manager, at 503-570-1566 or


Source:  City of Wilsonville Press Release. 7.19.18

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