Boys & Girls, Cypress Auxiliary in July

by Master


Fireworks on the 4th of July are wonderful.  They explode in the air. They are beautiful. They are fun to see. They entertain us. We enjoyed them as children and so do our children and grandchildren.

However, there are many chidren who experience a different kind of fireworks. For these children fireworks are more like explosions, not in the air, but in their lives. These explosions hurt both physically and emotionally.  They are not fun. You see, these children have experienced the fireworks of the harshest of life’s realities. They have been physically abused, emotionally neglected and ignored by the society that should be helpng them.

Boys and Girls Aid of Portland has seen this need. With its many programs it has stepped into the lives of these children with the help and encouragement that they need.

In the words of a minister I know, “Encouragement is something every single one of us craves. It is more than just a compliment. Encouragement has been described as ‘oxygen for the soul’ and if life –giving encouragement has ever been breathed into your soul…if someone has ever come alongside you and ‘put courage into you’ through their words and actions…then you know what I am talking about. The ripple effect of encouragement lasts a lifetime.”

You have done just that through the Charbonneau Branch of Boys and Girls Aid. You have helped and encouraged many children with your contribution of time, energy and resources. You have given them the courage needed to become successful adults.

On May 18th Maureen Larson presented to Sophie Jaggi this donation from the Cypress Auxiliary Branch of Boys and Girls Aid in Charbonneau. The amount of $98,318 represents the generous gifts of time, energy and resources from many of you here in Charbonneau.

If you want to know more go on line  To see what is happening at the Charbonneau Cypress Branch please visit


Source:  M. Wiesenthal. 6.10.18

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