UPDATE: The hearing about the Red Barn is TODAY Feb 22. Will it be decided to rezone to commercial?

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The Red Barn (I-5 282B Exit) –5 amendment to House Bill 4031A will come up before the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources in Hearing Room C  at a 3pm hearing Friday, February 23rd .   If you are interested in showing your support against this vote, you can do that by attending in person in Room C.  No public testimony will be taken from the audience however.

The amendment, if approved, would change that property’s designation from Exclusive Farm Use to Rural Commercial.

Or if you would prefer, you can still email your opinion to:

http.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov and to the Chair Denbrow & Members of the Senate Committee on the Environment & Natural Resources at senr.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov  

Reference that the amendment HB 4031A and whether you agree or not with the change of the property’s zoning on our current land use laws.  Any amendment that attempts to change the designation of the Lanphere property at I-5 Exit 282 B.

Or contact your congress person.

Senate Committee On Environment and Natural Resources

Chair Senator Michael Denbrow                                   


Vice Chair Alan Oleson


 Senator Herman Baertschiger


Senator Cliff Bentz


Senator Floyd Prosanski


Senator Arnie Roblan


 Senator Kathleen Taylor




Source:  Charbonneau Civic Affairs. 2.21.18.  Updated 2.22.18

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