Jan 25 Meeting to Review Plans to Expand the Aurora Airport.

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Pending legislation to super site at Aurora Airport

Rep. Rick Lewis is sponsoring a bill to fast track expansion!

Last year it was Sen. Fred Girod and his “pottys for pilots” bill that allowed cities to provide water and sewer to Aurora and Madras Airports without annexation.  This year Rep. Rick Lewis is sponsoring a bill that will allow the Aurora Airport to expand directly onto EFU ag land outright and end run the State land use laws.

We’ve learned to expect the worst case scenario from the development proponents at the Aurora Airport, and it’s clear their goal is to turn it into a big corporate jet airport, and the way this bill seems to be written you can easily imagine the airport being extended all the way to Ehlen Road!

FOFP is sponsoring an informational meeting for area residents concerned about what expanding the airport will do to traffic, roads and livability in the area.

Please plan on attending this meeting on Thursday, Jan. 25, at 6:30 PM, in the American Legion Hall in Aurora.  Ben Williams & Tony Holt will present the same opposition material they presented earlier this month to the Aurora City Council and Planning Commission, in order to assure all citizens are equally well informed.

You can download n PDF a summary of Rep. Lewis’ bill by clicking here.

Our visit our web page with the complete history over the last ten years by clicking here.

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Friends of French Prairie

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