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City’s Grant Programs Deadlines Feb 2 and Mar 2; $25,000 each available.

City’s Grant Programs Deadlines Feb 2 and Mar 2; $25,000 each available.

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The Wilsonville Parks and Recreation Department is now accepting applications for two City grant programs: the Community Tourism and the Community Opportunity Grant Programs. Each grant program has separate deadlines and distinct criteria.

The Community Tourism Grant Program awards up to $25,000 in funds to organizations that produce projects, programs or events that promote local business and tourism, and for festivals and special events that draw visitors to Wilsonville. The Tourism Promotion Committee reviews requests and awards the grant funds. The deadline for the Tourism Grant is Friday, Feb. 2. Funding for the program comes from the City’s transient room taxes that are assessed on overnight lodging visitors. The deadline for another tourism grant program, Clackamas County’s Community Partnership Tourism Grant Program, is to be announced shortly.

The Community Opportunity Grant Program, with funds distributed twice per year for a total of $25,000, provides funding for a wide range of local programs and projects in Wilsonville. Funds for the Opportunity Grant program come from the City’s general fund. Successful applications for the Community Opportunity Grant program include proposals aimed at promoting education, diversity, arts or community involvement in the city. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board reviews requests and awards grant funds. Applications for the Community Opportunity Grant are due Friday, March 2.

For more information, go online to www.WilsonvilleParksandRec.com/GrantPrograms; or contact Brian Stevenson, Program Manager, at 503-570-1523, stevenson@ci.wilsonville.or.us.

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