City Invites ‘Community Enhancement’ Project Nominations Until Jan. 31

by Master

The City of Wilsonville is accepting suggestions from the public until Jan. 31 for project ideas that can enrich the community for funding by the Wilsonville-Metro Community Enhancement Program. Project nominations may be made online at

Anyone may nominate a project for consideration. While not designed as ‘grant program,’ projects may be nominated by a sponsoring organization that has the capacity to oversee and document implementation.

Nominations are reviewed for compliance with applicable laws and regulations, cost estimates and feasibility. Projects are advanced for consideration in the spring to the Wilsonville-Metro Community Enhancement Committee, which is composed of four community members, two City Council members and the Metro district Councilor.

The relatively new program provides the community with an opportunity to advance a wide range of projects that otherwise might lack funding. Funds may be used on a range of projects that seek to:

-Improve the appearance or environmental quality of the community.

-Reduce the amount or toxicity of waste.

-Increase reuse and recycling opportunities.

-Upgrade real or personal property owned or operated by a nonprofit.

-Preserve or enhance wildlife, riparian zones, wetlands and forest lands.

-Improve public awareness and the opportunities to enjoy and appreciate natural areas.

-Improve ­recreational areas and programs.

-Result in improvement in public safety.

-Benefit youth, seniors, low-income persons or ­underserved populations.

Projects funded in 2017 include:

-Arts & Culture Survey/Strategic Plan: $26,100

-Beauty & the Bridge Interpretive Signs: $20,000

-Graham Oaks Nature Park Pedestrian-Crossing Safety Enhancement: $20,000

-Electronic Sign and Community Reader Board at the Wilsonville Public Library: $15,000

-Beauty & the Bridge Lighting Study/Design Project: $10,000

-2017 Community Health Fair: $5,000

-Clackamas Community College –Wilsonville Campus Public Art Installation: $4,000

For more information, contact Angela Handran, Assistant to the City Manager, at 503-570-1503;

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