Sept. 12: Pink Ball. Wine & Beer Donations Needed.

by Master

Tuesday, September 12 is the date for the 2017 Charbonneau Pink Ball.  Again, we have an opportunity to play a major part in helping to raise funds for the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU.  Last year the “Pink Ball” raised over $42,000.   Of that total, the sale & auction of wine & beer contributed over $3100 toward the final tally and all due to the generosity of Charbonneau residents

Wine & Beer Donations Needed

Donated wine & beer is sold by the glass at the tournament.  Extra wine and “SPECIAL” wines are auctioned off.  More donations mean more $ toward cancer research, & we need YOUR help.

  1. We are asking everyone who can, to donate 2 bottles of wine (that you would drink), or more for the tournament.
  2. Beer:  we need 1 case each & of Corona & Corona Light, ½ case of Belgian White and ½ case of IPA to be donated—please call Dana Richmond if you wish to donate beer.
  3. Please bring the wine and/or beer to Bob & Elaine Junta’s.
  4. OR: once again Ron Leeper has volunteered to purchase & deliver wine at wholesale prices for you.   His assorted wines will cost approximately $7.50 per bottle.  You can send him a check for $15 or more and he will do the work—so easy! Please make the check to Ron Leeper.  The check must be received by Wednesday, September 6..
  5. Do you have a “special” bottle of wine or a large collection?  Please consider donating some “special” wines for the silent auction.  Please call Dana to coordinate.

This is biggest cancer fundraiser in Charbonneau and a huge opportunity for us to help with local cancer research.  All donations that you make are greatly appreciated.

Mike & Dana Richmond….503 694-6983
Bob & Elaine Junta………….503 694-2888
32675 SW Lake Point Court (if they are not home, leave in their courtyard with your name)
Ron Leeper…………………….503 694-6163
31555 SW Arbor Glen Loop

Source:  CCC Update. 8.15.17

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