Boys & Girls. August Update 2017

by Master

On June 16th Mary Frinell and Maureen Larson hosted an event for last year’s and next year’s board of the Cypress Branch of Boys and Girls Aid. Our new term starts in September. Pictured from left to right are, Dianne McMichael who chairs the gift of gym bags given to boys at Christmas each year. She is also a past president. Ginny Tindall is treasurer, Karina Rubin the new vice president, Margie Wiesenthal is publicity chair, Mary Frinell was president from 2014-2017, Maureen Larson is current president, and Robin Andrus, is the new Transitional Living Program chair. Not pictured are Sandee Brown, the past membership chair, Joyce Johnson, secretary, and Anne Shevlin, crab and rib co-chair.

Besides the Boys and Girls Aid luncheon each month at Springridge, we have a bridge marathon, chaired by Anne Shevlin and Ginny Tindall. It raises money for the organization as does the Crab and Rib Dinner, chaired by Kim McCauley, Anne Shevlin and Elaine Swyt.  The Easter Baskets given to girls in Portland is organized by Margie Wiesenthal. The Transitional Living Program past chair is Maureen Larson and will be chaired by Robyn Andrus.  There are many more men and women who contribute time and resources to Boys and Girls Aid.

The Cypress Branch chapter in Charbonneau, is part of Boys and Girls Aid of Portland. It’s President and CEO is Susan Huntington. Susan was adopted as a child. She states that “We can find a family for every child.”

Boys and Girls Aid provides adoption or really good foster care for many children.  It is very difficult and expensive to achieve the excellence this organization does.  Families are researched beforehand and, after a child is placed, counseling is provided for parents and children. There is also continued contact between birth parents and adoptive or foster parents. Counselors are available at the Portland office and other locations 24/7.

Why do we devote time and money to Boys and Girls Aid?  It is because we believe in what this organization does.  There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Boys and Girls Aid does it the right way. This system works.  It really works!

“If you want to do things that matter, don’t just sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” (Adapted from Dale Carnegie)

For more information about this amazing organization come to the Community Information Day at the clubhouse on August 22 from 5-7. We will be there!


Source:  M. Wiesenthal. 7.10.17

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