Sunday June 25, 2017 1:43 pm

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CharbonneauLive Feed

CharbonneauLive Feed

A very special ceremony at the Wilsonville Korean Memorial on Saturday, June 24th beginning at 10am [...] has arrived. A one-stop to find out everything to see and do in Wilsonville. [...]

A very popular activity every summer. Begins each day by 9am. [...]

This is always a fun day. Don't miss it. At the Wilsonville Community Center. [...]

This season's kickoff for the CCF. Don't miss it! SPECIAL TIME: 6PM. [...]

Celebrate the summer with fresh oysters and local wines in a beautiful vineyard setting just south o [...]

Don't miss the very popular Strawberry Social at the Aurora Colony. [...]

Beyond compare are the summer programs on the schedule for June. [...]

Check out the activities for this month at the Community Center and with Wilsonville Parks & Rec [...]

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