Wednesday May 17, 2017 3:29 pm

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CharbonneauLive Feed

CharbonneauLive Feed

The job fair is back! Check it out on the 20th at City Hall. [...]

This is a very informative day in the park, sponsored by the Leadership Academy. Don't miss it. [...]

Metro Grants and more discussed this past week at City Council. [...]

A very popular community event to help keep our parks beautiful. All ages pitch in! [...]

Check out the activities and programs planned for this month with Wilsonville Parks & Recreation [...]

Spring is here and plenty of activities for all ages planned at the Public Library. Check it out! [...]

This is a must partricipate event. May 13th at Aurora Colony. Jane Kirkpatrick featured. [...]

Don't miss this very popular Charbonneau annual event. This year featuring fashions from JJill, [...]

Norman Weekly passed away in March of this year. [...]

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