Break-Ins Are Up

by Master

Charbonneau has experienced a significant number of break-ins in the last month.

As always, please lock up your homes, garages and remove anything from your cars, whether it has value or not, it is still a magnet for thieves.

Officers remind us that prevention is the best defense!

If you have a break-in always call First Response AND Wilsonville Police to file a report

If You See Something Say Something

Don’t leave valuables in your car such as purses, bags, laptops, wallets, credit cards or cell phones. Anything that’s left in plain view is like an advertisement to potential thieves

Hide accessories and chargers that indicate you have a mobile phone, GPS or other device kept in your car

Remove key cards, garage door openers and work or house keys from your vehicle that could otherwise give a potential burglar access to your house

Always roll up your windows, remove your keys, lock your door and set your car alarm (if you have one).  If you don’t, consider installing a security system

If you have a break-in, document the scene: take photographs of any damage to your vehicle and make a list of all stolen items. Keep in mind that along with electronics and money, thieves also take things like auto parts (rims, tires or catalytic converters) and license plates. Be sure to take note if any of these things go missing

Again, Charbonneau is a very safe community, but we need to all take precautions to help keep it that way.

If you see any suspicious activity or if you are the victim of a crime, please call:   The non-emergency line for Clackamas County Sheriff: 503-655-8211

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