Easter Sunday at Noon. Make noise for our First Responders & Medical Professionals.

by Master

Charbonneau Residents:

Are you ready to have some fun?!

The Charbonneau Women’s Niners want to remind you that on Easter Sunday, April 12th, at 12:00 noon, all Charbonneau residents are encouraged to be outside, in front of your homes (not back porches) making noise, waving flags, banging pans, jumping up and down, smiling, applauding, whistling, or singing, to show appreciation to our First Responders and Medical Professionals (who may be driving by at the time).  Neighbors, even if you are unable to participate, you can just be outside and ready to take video.

The Villager newspaper will be here taking pictures so if you will have a unique sign, decoration, or costume, please contact Mary Fieweger (503-519-4388; maryfieweger4@gmail.com) or Karen Siegel (ksiegel44@gmail.com-503-970-0735) so they can direct the Villager photographer to your home.

This is an unprecedented situation.  We will get through this.  Keep smiling and keep your distance!

This is also a reminder that the Charbonneau Clubhouse will remain closed and all events cancelled through April, and perhaps longer, depending on the situation at the time.

  • The Shred Day event that was supposed to happen on May 2 will be rescheduled.  We are looking at June 13 as a potential day but that has not yet been confirmed.
  • The CCC Annual Meeting that was scheduled on May 20 has been postponed and will be held on a future date to be determined.
  • The Alzheimer’s Walk to Remember has been cancelled this year.

Source:  CCC NCB 4.7.20

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