Law Enforcement & Fire Department Training at the Old Restaurant Building. Oct 9, 10, 21, and Nov 4

by Master

On Wednesday, October 9, from noon to 5 pm, the Washington County Sheriff’s Tactical Negotiations Team (TNT) will be training again at the old restaurant building. Unlike the last training, this training will be smaller and there will be no blasting or loud noises. TNT is an inter-agency team and there will be officers from Washington and Clackamas counties training. Sergeant John Crecelius will be leading the training and will take appropriate safety measures. You can expect to see around 6 officers and SWAT vehicles on site.

On Thursday, October 10, from around 9 am to 5 pm, the Portland branch of the FBI will arrive at the old restaurant building and hold a day of training for approximately 18 FBI SWAT Operators. The facility will be used to conduct scenarios and provide training in order for their agents to be ready for real life operations.

Finally on October 21, October 28 and November 4, TVF&R will be on site to do destructive rescue training in the old restaurant building.

These opportunities for law enforcement and firefighters to train in an unknown commercial building is extremely valuable to our community and region as it gives officers a rare chance at a more real world experience outside of their training centers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jim Meierotto at 503-694-2300.

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