CCF this Week: “Aging Gracefully — Planning to Avoid Problems”

by Master

July 18th — Country Club Dining Room

Social Time:  6:00 PM
Seminar:  6:30 PM
Presenter:  Mark Basel

An aging plan is more than just having a Will and maybe a Trust.

This seminar is for both you, your loved ones and potential caregivers – everyone should be involved in the planning process.

A sample of topics covered:

-Ins and outs of using in-home care services

-Paying bills and managing a household if your incapacitated

-Importance (and limitations) of Power of Attorney, Trusts, etc.

-Importance of setting standards

-How technology can help you stay in your home longer

For more information, please contact Len Zucker at 503-694-5843

Source:  CCF. 7.14.18

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