Community Opportunity Grant Awards Support Five Local Organizations

by Master
We the People in 2014

“We the People” at Inza Wood Middle School from their 2014 trip, are winners this year for a Community Opportunity Grant.

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Each fiscal year, the City of Wilsonville provides $25,000 in Community Opportunity Grants, with the intent to assist organizations in funding projects that promote education, diversity, arts or community involvement in Wilsonville.

The second of two award cycles for the 2017-18 budget year was completed at the April 19 meeting of the Park & Recreation Board, when the board met and awarded grants to five local programs:

  • Inza Wood Middle School: $3,724.25 to support a student trip to the “We the People” Competition in Washington, D.C.
  • Wilsonville Little League: $2,498 for a portable pitching mound.
  • West Linn-Wilsonville Music and Arts Partners (MAP): $2.224.25 to support the Wilsonville Schools Music and Arts Festivals.
  • World of Speed Motorsports Museum: $2,224.25 to support the “Storybook Garage” pre-Kindergarten care program.
  • Charbonneau Arts Association: $1,974.25 to update the Charbonneau Arts Festival’s internet presence.

In September. community organizations can apply for the first cycle of 2018-19 Community Opportunity Grant awards, which will be allocated this fall.

For information on the City of Wilsonville’s grant programs, contact Brian Stevenson, Program Manager, at 503-570-1523, or visit

Image courtesy of West Linn-Wilsonville School District: Inza Wood Middle School Eighth-graders participating in the “We the People” Competition in Washington D.C., May 4-8, are among the recipients of the City’s most recent Community Opportunity Grant awards. The City awards $25,000 annually to local organizations that promote education, diversity, arts or community involvement.

Source:  Wilsonville Parks & Recreation, 4.25.18

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