Boys and Girls Aid Article for May 2018

by Master

On Easter morning Amanda, age 13, woke up to a most wonderful surprise.  Next to her bed she found an Easter basket. “Is this for me?” she asked.  “Yes, this is for you” was the answer.  She could hardly believe it.

Her basket was tied with a beautiful bow and filled with Beanie Babies, ribbons, lip gloss, cute socks, a journal, pen and note paper with stamps, stickers, a cosmetic bag, hand lotion and lots of candy. What more could a teenage girl want!

Amanda’s joy over the basket and its contents was in part because she had never had an Easter basket.  This was her very first one. Also because it was wonderful, beyond her dreams!

Why was this Amanda’s first Easter basket?  Where had it come from?

You may have had a Mom (or Dad) who gave you an Easter basket year after year.  Amanda does not have a parent who can do this.  She is one of a number of girls cared for by Boys and Girls Aid of Portland at a place called Seneca House.

Women in Charbonneau very generously donated the Easter baskets and all the contents so that the girls at Seneca House can experience a really special Easter.  Who are these women?  They are members of Boys and Girls Aid.  The group in Charbonneau is called the Cypress Branch and supports this and many more of the Boys and Girls Aid ministries.

Toni Van Horn and Judy Johnston with a basket

Come find out more about us. We have a luncheon at Springridge every month from September through May.  Anyone may come.  At each luncheon we find out what is new, what is happening and who is involved.  The food is wonderful and so is the wine!

Our next luncheon will be on May 18 at Springridge at 11:30.  At this luncheon we will hear from the staff about plans for the future.  Members will be emailed or called and anyone not a member may attend by calling Karina Rubin at 760-898-1330. Cost is $15 at the door.

For more information about Boys and Girls Aid please visit our website at

To see what is happening at the Cypress Branch please visit

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