This is a don’t miss event! Phil Mandel performs. Dec 17th at 4pm.

by Master

This will be your formal notification and invitation to experience and participate in a special evening of Christmas seasonal. music and classical piano selections.  The event takes place Sunday, December 17 at the Charbonneau Country Club.  We will start promptly at 4:00 pm and finish just prior to 6:00 pm.

Our guest artist will be classical pianist Phillip Mandel.  Phil has played for the Singles Group before.  Many of you will remember that wonderful evening last year when Phil so thoroughly captivated his audience.  Many of you expressed the view that we should make this an annual event.  An excellent idea.

Phil is a very unusual individual.  Not only a highly accomplished classical artist on the keyboard, he is truly an entertainer. He has a very outgoing personality, interacting beautifully with his audience as many of you will remember.  

This time the program will be a little different.  Phil will play Christmas music, much of it Christmas carols.  You are encouraged to sing along if you wish to do so.  This will be followed by or interspersed with classical selections.  As before, Phil has agreed to take requests.  This sort of thing is what made Phil’s previous event such an enjoyable and fun time.  This time should be just as good or, perhaps, better.

Bring your beverage of choice.

As the sponsoring party, the Singles Group has opened the event to all Charbonneau residents, not just singles.  We already have over twenty non Singles Group members signed up to attend.  We would like to have more, so please pass the word amongst your neighbors.  This is a top quality event and it is  FREE  – –  a very good price.!

If you have already responded to the previous announcement there is no need to respond again.  If you have not yet responded please do so, either YEA or NAY.  Also, if you know of non Singles Group members planning to participate please let us know that too.  We need this information in order to set up the performance area in an optimal fashion.  Guests can either call me  503)694.2108 or Joe Dylag  503)694.8586.

Source:  Charbonneau Singles, Tom Maclean. 12.11.17

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