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Sale of the Driving Range to Pahlisch Homes Complete!

Sale of the Driving Range to Pahlisch Homes Complete!

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The proceeds of the sale are already in a new investment account with the exception of a relatively small portion that will be used to build our new Warm-Up Facility and for necessary deferred maintenance.  This sale makes our board of directors’ goal of protecting the golf course for the long, long term a reality!

Pahlisch Homes has exciting plans for developing the driving range area.  There is much interest already from many local residents and others who have joined a waiting list.  A plot plan of the new development is available for viewing in The Turn.

The three homes already completed on Arbor Lake Drive (at the end of the old range) have “Sold” signs in their windows!

Our driving range closed for business on April 1st.  Yes, it will be missed by all of us.  But, all golfers, shareholders and residents can now feel confident that the golf course will be here for the long run.  And, the board is preparing changes in the bylaws to make sure the funds stay in place under future management and volunteer boards.

Three temporary warm-up units are now in place and available in a newly cleared space just outside the pro shop.  This is just a short-term solution.   Money has been set aside and design work is underway for a permanent warm-up facility that will be covered and offer heaters.  Watch for more announcements coming soon with drawings of this new and exiting set-up!

Source:  CGCI. Shareholder communication. 4.6.17

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