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Strata Solar campaign to lease high-value farm land!

Strata Solar campaign to lease high-value farm land!

April 25, 2017 1:11 pm Category: French Prairie Reports A+ / A-

Target: 30 sites in French Prairie!

We’ve learned that Strata Solar, a North Carolina-based developer and operator of solar energy projects across the United States, is on a sales campaign to lease as many as 30 twelve acre sites in French Prairie to install solar power generating sites!

High value target areas are close to 3-phase power lines, such as Arndt and Ehlen Roads, and their aim is to have at least 30 of these sites on the grid north of Salem by 2020

The proposition:

* Strata is securing sites on behalf of PGE

* Lease 12 acre plots so as not to affect zoning for EFU

* Receive $1k/acre/year under a 30 year lease

The pitch:

* The only way you’ll make more money is with marijuana

* We’re pursuing this for our customer PGE

* You location is ideal and your neighbors have shown interest

The consequence

* The best farmland in the US is taken out of production for 30 years

* The odds are good at the end of 30 years it will not revert back to farming

* Solar farms may be clean energy sources, but siting and location are key

If enough of this happens in French Prairie or any other large ag area, it not only takes specific pieces of high value farm land out of production, but it has the potential to break up significant expanses of farming areas and undermine the local farming economy.  See attached document, complied by 1000 Friends, on “Some Impacts of Large Solar Arrays” by clicking here.

If you are being approached, we ask you to consider the larger good and the impact on local farming now and in the future.  Please circulate this to your friends and neighbors.  Solar farms should not be located on high-value farm land.  They should go on low value land with lots of sun!

Do we want French Prairie turned into a giant solar farm!

Editor note:  This does mean that rural lands could be rezoned to commerical use once the project is approved.  See this article about how a similar project evolved in another community: 


Source:  FFP. 4.24.17

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