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ALERT: Quake Preparedness Kits.

ALERT: Quake Preparedness Kits.

April 25, 2017 12:59 pm Category: Country Club News A+ / A-

Heads up to the many residents of Charbonneau who purchased Quake Ready Emergency Kits last year from the Country Club.

One of those residents who purchased a kit recently was demonstrating his kit to another person and found that one of the enclosed packets was leaking.  The small bottles of antiseptic hand cleaner had leaked into the zip bag it was in and destroyed several components, including the First Aid booklet, waterproof matches, and packaged hand wipes, and covering the rest with hand cleaner goo.  Yuk!

If you have had this or other similar problems when you check your kits, you can contact:

Lee Montalvo
Quake-Ready Kit Company
360-791-7746 or

Source:  EH. 4.25.17

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