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Paving the way for tourism in Clackamas County

Paving the way for tourism in Clackamas County

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Above: The Clackamas County Tourism Development Council (TDC) held a listening session Jan. 18 in Wilsonville, inviting neighboring cities to come share their plans for tourism promotion with the TDC.

How Wilsonville is getting in on planning for success

A conference room with a glass wall overlooking the industrial-chic lobby of the World of Speed Motorsports Museum was a fitting setting to hold a Jan. 18 listening session revolving around the future of tourism. Put on by the Clackamas County Tourism Development Council (TDC) and Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs (CCTCA), the meeting was designed as a way for communities to share their current tourism promotion goals and priorities for the next five years.

Representatives from cities and communities throughout Clackamas County came to share updates on current and future initiatives while answering six questions that ranged from possible opportunities in the next five years, existing threats and barriers to tourism in communities, new/enhanced assets and technology to drive tourism, possible partnerships and direct resources available for visitors.

As for Wilsonville, seven members of the Tourism Promotion Committee (TPC) were present at the meeting to listen and shared their own goals. Public/Government Affairs Director for the City of Wilsonville Mark Ottenad brought up Wilsonville’s abundance of lodging assets and suggested that the TDC and CCTCA keep that asset in mind as a resource for neighboring communities with fewer lodgings when the council constructs the county-wide strategic plan in February.

“I think that there could be value to promote the connection,” Ottenad said.

The launch of the long-anticipated Explore Wilsonville website is also scheduled for this spring as well as the start of the planning process for another tourism pull on the horizon: the French Prairie Bridge Project. Envisioned as a bike, pedestrian and emergency vehicle bridge, the project has already received some federal funds but still lacks City funding. The first French Prairie Bridge Project Task Force will be held at City Hall Jan. 31 to begin working out logistics of the project, but until then, the TPC is excited about its potential to draw in cyclists and bike tours.

“We have an excellent staff and a great support group within the area, and we’ve seen a tremendous growth in tourism,” TDC Chair John Erickson said after the listening session. “The most important thing is that people are engaged, and that’s why we hold the listening sessions.”

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Source:  Wilsonville Spokesman article, Claire Green. 2.1.17

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