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The Red Barn is back in play!

The Red Barn is back in play!

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South of River development  – January update

Here’s hoping this finds you all happily into the New Year, and enjoying the current bout of winter weather!

This update is about development activity at the former Red Barn/I-5 Farm Store property at the Charbonneau exit.  It was acquired out of bankruptcy by Bob Lanphere and Dave Jachter, owners of the new Wilsonville Subaru – who spent time and effort at Clackamas County last year trying to get it rezoned from Exclusive Farm Use to Rural Industrial to store and prep cars for the Subaru dealership.  That application prompted opposition letters from Department of Land Conservation & Development (DLCD), Dept of Agriculture, Dept. of Transportation, City of Wilsonville, Charbonneau, 1000 Friends and FOFP, and Clackamas County denied the application.

After the Subaru dealership opened last month, Ben Williams submitted an Op-Ed which the Wilsonville Spokesman ran on Dec. 14 under the title “What kind of bull is the community getting from the Wilsonville Subaru dealership.”  If you don’t receive the Spokesman, you can download the Citizen View article in PDF by clicking here.  

Besides the agency opposition, another point cited was the overwhelming citizen opposition to sourh of the River development demonstrated by the County Open House comment card responses from a few months earlier: 92.1% strongly or somewhat disagree with development here, while only 2.5% strongly or somewhat agree with development. 

The bad news is that notwithstanding this very clear community and municipal position, the owners are moving ahead with trying to achieve a legislative fix in Salem.  It appears that Bob Lanphere recently bought out Dave Jachter’s interest in the property, but Lanphere and his lobbyist have succeeded in getting Sen. Betsy Johnson to call out this specific piece of property to be removed from Rural Reserves and designated as Rural Industrial–a process otherwise known as “legislative super-siting!”.  You can see the current version of the Senate Bill (with map and Open House survey results) by clicking here.

This bill has been dropped before the Legislature has convened, but that very fact says something about how serious Bob Lanphere is about this speculative land development deal.  We will be tracking this bill along with 1000 Friends, and keep you posted on updates as they become available.

This is worth remembering the next time you think about buying a Subaru.  Ask yourself “where’s the love?”

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