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Charbonneau Community Forum Announces 2016 Series.

Charbonneau Community Forum Announces 2016 Series.

May 5, 2016 5:07 pm Category: CCF, Clubs and Groups A+ / A-

The Charbonneau Community Forum Committee returns to present four speaker sessions beginning in June on the dates set out below.  Please mark your calendars so you can join your neighbors and other residents for timely and lively presentations including question and answer sessions to allow you to add your voice.

We expect to follow our past procedures for each session:  Gather on a Thursday evening in the Charbonneau Country Club dining room about 6:30 for a ‘social hour’ including complimentary wine, beer, soft drink, and cookies.  We will begin with speaker presentations at 7:00 p.m., be ready for questions about 8:00, and try to adjourn shortly after 8:30.

Here is the schedule.  More details will be forthcoming in the Charbonneau Villager before each presentation, and a summary of each session will be in the Villager.

June 16.  Charbonneau Today and Tomorrow.

Usually our best attended session.  Speakers will address City of Wilsonville activities and future plans for growth, Charbonneau governance issues and plans, Charbonneau Golf Course developments, and an update of residential real estate values and whether the cost of our homes will continue to rise.

July 21.  The Muslim Religion and Lives of American Muslims and those of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide.

We will get beyond slogans and catch phrases to learn some basic history, beliefs, practices, and future hopes of this segment of our population.  An American diplomat with long experience in the Middle East will discuss current issues in this troubled area of the world.

August 18.  History of the French Prairie Region of Oregon and its Agricultural Importance.

If you are not familiar with our history, you will enjoy our community even more after this presentation.

October 20.  Election Issues, Candidates & Ballot Measures

We have reserved this date in case election issues warrant a discussion of ballot measures and candidates.  We aspire to keep our discussions ‘non-politiacal’, but recognize there is sometimes a price to pay for airing both sides of issues.  Stay tuned.

Our Committee Members are Eric Hoem (694-6036), Charles Johnson (694-8458), Ray Tricker (694-1086), Len Zucker (694-5843), and Levi Smith (694-8036).  Let us know if you wish to join our group.  We will welcome your comments and/or suggestions.


Source:  CCF.  5.10.16

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