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The Villager Newspaper

Charbonneau has a monthly newspaper called The Charbonneau Villager. It is delivered free to Charbonneau homes the first week of each month and is full of news and information about the Charbonneau community and local area.

Residents may submit articles or letters to the editor by the 10th of each month for publication in the following month’s issue. Numerous businesses advertise in the paper, providing local products and services for residents.

To download past issues of The Charbonneau Villager, click here.


Cindy Garrison is the paper’s publisher/editor. Contact information for placing an ad or submitting an article or letter is below.

The Charbonneau Villager
PO Box 3242
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Fax:  503-694-5783    Tel: 503-984-2883



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