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Task Force Named to Guide Wilsonville Town Center Plan

Task Force Named to Guide Wilsonville Town Center Plan

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City of Wilsonville MEDIA RELEASE

For Immediate Release

February 3, 2017

CONTACT:   Miranda Bateschell, Long-Range Planning Manager,
503 570-1581,

Task Force Named to Guide Wilsonville Town Center Plan

WILSONVILLE, OR — The City of Wilsonville has named members of the public to serve on an advisory task force for the Wilsonville Town Center Plan. The 26-member task force is composed of a wide variety of local residents, business owners and stakeholders who are responsible for reviewing key information and ultimately providing recommendations to the Planning Commission and the City Council at key milestones of the Wilsonville Town Center Plan project.

 Project Manager Miranda Bateschell, the City’s Long-Range Planning Manager, said, “I am very excited about the membership of the Wilsonville Town Center Plan Task Force. We have a good mix of residents, community-based organizations, and property and business owners, which represent a vast range of perspectives, experiences and even ages. We look forward to hearing all of their ideas and working with them to broaden our community outreach efforts.”

 Task Force meetings are open to the public and to be held at Wilsonville City Hall.  The date of the first task force meeting is yet to be determined, and likely scheduled for March shortly after the community kick-off event.

 The City is hosting a public kick-off event for the Wilsonville Town Center Plan on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 5:30–8:00 p.m., at City Hall, 29799 SW Town Center Loop East, in Wilsonville. An informational presentation and activities begin at 6 p.m. and light refreshments are being provided.

 The  Wilsonville Town Center Plan Task Force, which plans to meets six times during the 18-month long planning process, includes:

  • Chair Kristin Akervall, Wilsonville City Councilor as an ex-officio/non-voting member
  • Vice Chair (alternate) Susie Stevens, Wilsonville City Councilor as an ex-officio/non-voting member
  • Marie Alaniz, non-profit housing and resident services representative of Northwest Housing Alternatives
  • Hilly Alexander, local library advocate and Wilsonville resident
  • Ben Altman, former Planning Commission chair and past Chamber of Commerce president, professional planner and local resident
  • Kyle Bunch, Town Center business owner of American Family Insurance and Wilsonville resident
  • Terrence Clark, Town Center business owner of Wilsonville Dental Group
  • Paul Diller, law professor and Wilsonville resident
  • Jon Dunn, representative of the property-owner of the Shari’s Café and Pies location
  • Bruce Eicher, Town Center business owner of Wilsonville Diamond and Wilsonville resident
  • Kevin Ferrasci O’Malley, CEO of the Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Darren Harmon, Town Center business general manager of Wilsonville Family Fun Center and a member of the City’s Tourism Promotion Committee
  • Ron Heberlein, representative of Arbor Crossing Home Owners Association and Wilsonville resident
  • Eric Hoem, a retired community college professor who lives in Wilsonville
  • Rosiland Hursh, Town Center business owner of Eye to Eye Clinic
  • Sara Jantze, local business representative of Owen Roe Winery and Wilsonville resident
  • Hank Jarboe, Town Center business owner of Boston’s Pub
  • Kate Johnson, a local business owner, member of the City’s Park and Recreation Advisory Board and Wilsonville-Metro Community Enhancement Committee and a Wilsonville resident
  • Sophia Lochner, Wilsonville resident and Wilsonville High School student
  • Lori Loen, representative of Landover Home Owners Association and a Wilsonville resident
  • Kamran Mesbah, Wilsonville Planning Commission member and local resident
  • Susan Myers, a commercial real-estate broker who developed the Town Center shopping center and nearby office building
  • Richard (Dick) Spence, Wilsonville Community Sharing board member and a Wilsonville resident
  • Shelly Tracy, Director of Clackamas Community College’s Wilsonville campus
  • Scott Vosburg, Town Center business owner of Wilsonville Lock and Security
  • Doris Wehler, past president of the Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce and a local resident

 The Wilsonville Town Center Plan seeks to provide a community-driven vision for the Town Center area and strategic actions that establish a clear path forward to advancing the vision.

The plan is to guide future development in Town Center to create a cohesive, unified district that enhances existing assets in the area and sets the stage for new development and investment. Potential strategies include new projects, programs, partnerships, or policies that foster an attractive and accessible place for visitors and residents of all ages to shop, eat, live, work, learn and play within the Town Center area.

 Wilsonville City Councilor Kristin Akervall and chair of the task force states, “We know from the City’s community surveys that Wilsonville residents desire to have a more identifiable down-town or main street to serve as a central gathering place for our community. This planning process aims to identify strategies to do just that.”

The planning area, which covers approximately 100 acres and encompasses the properties north of Wilsonville Road, within and adjacent to Town Center Loop, also includes a project team that is completing a technical analysis to evaluate the economic, transportation, stormwater and land-use conditions within the study area. Overall the plan is expected to be completed in early 2018 with the proposed adoption by the Wilsonville City Council. The project includes numerous community workshops and events that are to be held throughout the process.

 Funding for the long-range planning process comes from a Metro Community Planning and Development Grant with matching funds from the City’s Urban Renewal Agency.

Source:  City media release. 2.3.17

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