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Oct 8 Metro Hearing.  Maletis goes “tilt”.

Oct 8 Metro Hearing. Maletis goes “tilt”.

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View Eric Hoem’s Testimony |  View Tony Holt’s Testimony  |  View Handout provided by Eric Hoem.

The hearing went very well, as the only testimony in opposition to our position (namely do not broaden the remand resolution beyond resolving the Stafford problems to include French Prairie and other locations) was the attorney for Tualatin and West Linn.  They want Stafford to be undesignated so as not to have to provide services and ultimately bring it into those cities.

For context, the Court of Appeals remand to Clackamas County is to “fix” the Stafford portion of the Urban/Rural Reserves designations.  The majority of County Commissioners (all but Jim Bernard) are now trying to “negotiate a deal” with Metro to fix the Stafford portion but only if they are able to change the previous Rural Reserves designations in certain areas, including the Maletis lands in French Prairie. Opposition testimony, therefore centers on the point of keeping the remand activity focused on Stafford and not expanding it to take on other areas whose designation is already settled.

The first testimony was given by the legal counsel for Metro who essentially made that case: the legal requirement is to fix Stafford and there is not need to expand it.

The opposition testimony included Jim Bernard testifying as a citizen in opposition to expansion beyond the Stafford issue, because the previous work had followed the law and all the required guidelines.  Mayor Knapp on the Wilsonville position about no development south of the river, Councilor Lehan on the methodical work the Core 4 did on the Rural/Urban designations, Retired Supreme Court Judge Riggs on the legal precedence framing an action such as this. Tony Holt and Eric Hoem from Charbonneau on the citizen involvement in the process and the unethical Maletis attemps to circumvent the decision, Ken Ivey on the farming history at Landgon Farms, Ben Williams on the quality of the solis,as well as a Washington County Commissioner and the spokesperson for the Stafford Area Land Owner’s Association.  It was quite compelling in total.

maletis-1024x680Tom and Chris Maletis were in the audience, and the highlight of the hearing was at the end with Chris went “tilt!”  As described by Eric Hoem:

It was a “beyond belief” moment.  Chris Maletis stood up in the rear of the room and began addressing the council from there, saying that he wanted to meet with them individually to correct all the lies and misrepresentations of his intentions heard in testimony.  The Council President and everyone else was stunned by the audacity and rudeness.  Nonetheless, Maletis continued to speak as he walked slowly to the front.  Asked to sit, give his name and offer testimony, he argued about it before finally taking a seat.  As I recall, he repeated his request to meet with Metro Councilors individually, and the meeting ended.  Maletis then walked to the front, extended his hand, and spoke briefly to each Councilor before they could get up and leave.  It was a clear demonstration of everything that was testified about their self-seeking, self-aggrandizing posture.  If Greg can get a copy of the video tape, be sure to watch it.  The arrogance is beyond belief!

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Source: Friends of French Prairie.

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